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One of the famous Brattons was US born John Walter Bratton who wrote the music for Teddy Bears' Picnic. Among the 250 songs he wrote, are these words, which are worth quoting since the Brattons are on both sides of the pond (and the antipodes)

There's a bridge of friendship stretching over the sea
Like a rainbow from shore to shore
There are Yankees by the dozens reaching out to British cousins
While bravehearts meet, their lips repeat
Let's get together, everybody sing:
"I wish I was in Dixie" and "God save the King"
Let's get together, put an end to grief
Sing "Yankee Doodle came to town" and then "The Mapleleaf"
Our flags entwined will remind mankind wherever they may be
That while the eagle soars and the British lion roars
We will march to victory

My name is Jon Bratton. I say this because, when I visit a website, I want to know who created it.
(In truth, I say this so that the Googlebot will spot my name and give me crawler to another) I live in Low Fell, Gateshead, England

This site is for Bratton
ego surfers
(the name for saddos like me who search for their own surname on the web)

as well as genealogists, family tree, family crest and family history fans,
Loxley Munsey and Steel family members, and some folk from Felling, Sacriston and Langley Park

Who owns a UK number plate like this ?

Answer below

"You can always tell a Bratton....but you cannot tell him much"

Said by Uncle Joe Bratton...often
(For family history genealogists that's Joseph Bratton, eldest son of Joseph Herbert Bratton)

And this is the brass plaque that I, Jon Joseph Bratton, inherited from Uncle Joe

This is JIM BRATTON with his partner Karen and his prized numberplate which is valued significantly more than the vehicle it adorns

Here's some quirky things to wet your appetite

This is a Bratton Lane Shirt

And this is a Bratton Tub Chair

And this is Brattons Clam Chowder
(It is believed that Bratton's was a restaurant but it is now an established as Brattons Clam apostrophe... gets the best result)