Gateshead Brattons

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Thanks to collaboration between Jon, Alan, Malcolm, Bob, Julia and Lorna we have pulled most of the strands together


The Robert Jnr Bratton( b 25.9.1876 d 12.3.1954) side

Avril b....
Stephen b 1965
Vincent b....
George Vernon b 1.7.1931
Raymond b 27.1.1934
Mavis b 2.5.1941
Martin b 1963
Stephen b 1961
Daren b 1969
Robert David (Bob) b 27.3.1944,
Andrew b 1972
Malcolm John b 1.4.1940
Sarah b 1965
Erika b 1968
Pamela b 1971
Lynn Hardie b 1971
Michael b...
Nicholas b 1976

This is Malcolm and Jon in the famous Black Horse where they rendezvoused on 22nd March 2006 during Malcolm's Nostalgia Trip to Ol' Blighty

After a swift half we went to Newcastle to meet up with Rob for a spot of lunch and a 40 year catch-up
Rob and Malcolm at The Gate where we lunched

So much to little time
This is the first meeting between different branches from the same tree. We can recommend it so
let's have more of it

The Joseph Herbert Bratton (b 1882 d 1953) side

Sylvia b 26.7.37
John b 29.4.44
Alan b 12.8.46
Jon Joseph b 8.10.48
Gary b 27.10.76
Lesley b 25.6.79
Robert b 5.8.53
Peter b
David b
James b 19.4.57

WILLIAM BRATTON (b 1865 d 1936)

The Mary Ann side

Daughter of Alan Stephenson

The Louisa side

Margaret b 1928
Julia b 1964

The Elizabeth Noel side

Joan b 1934
Christine b 1956
Jacques b 1993
Lynne b 1958
Lorna b 1983
Sarah b 1985
Julia b 1970

here's what binds us all together...


Robert Bratton, our mutual great great (great) grandfather, a Mattress Maker/Upholsterer (b 1833) met and wed Louisa Horton, a woman 6 years older than himself (b 1827) in Wolverhampton where both were born. Son Robert was born in 1855 then John in 1858 and Herbert followed in 1860 Within a few years they moved to Gateshead, for reasons we know not but suspect because of the burgeoning Railway Industry . Charlotte was born in 1863, then William in 1865, then Louisa in 1867, the last three after they had moved North.

[Robert's father and mother were Thomas Bratton, a Crate Maker & Chapel keeper, originally from Bethnal Green, London, b 1797 and Charlotte from Shropshire b 1794 ( note wife 3 years older) living at 5 Darlington Str. (how spooky is that?) Wolverhampton. Also there were Robert's elder brothers Thomas J., a Groom/Manservant b 1828 and Charles a steel toymaker b 1830

Louisa's father and mother were William Horton, a Master key maker b 1801 and Charlotte b 1806 living at B**** Street (can't read) Wolverhampton. Louisa had a younger brother William b 1831.

Robert's Dad Thomas remarried..don't know what happened to Charlotte but by 1861 when he was 64 he was married to 64 year old Elizabeth

Robert's oldest brother Thomas J married a woman 5 years his senior, Ann, from Cheltenham. They lived in Tottenhall Road Wolverhampton, then moved to Cheltenham. Their offspring were Henry J. b 1859, William J. b 1860, Julia A. b 1862 and Charlotte b 1864. Don't know what happened to wife Ann but by 1881 Thomas had moved to Gloucester and got himself a younger model, Ann Eliza, one year younger than him and he also had living with him Edward Stephens, his stepson

Robert's other older brother Charles followed the same pattern. He married Jane, 2 years his senior and had James D. b 1865 and Hannah b 1868 living in Bromley Street, Wolverhampton. Don't know what happened to Jane but in 1878 Charles at 48 years old married 34 year old Eliza, moved to 44 Vauxhall Middle, Wolverhampton and then added Harry b 1878, Jessie b 1879 and Charlotte b 1884 ]

Now back to Robert and Louisa and their offspring Robert, John, Herbert, Charlotte, William and Louisa in Gateshead in about 1862

What was Gateshead like then?...see  Gateshead History

Robert and Louisa lived at  58 Worcester Street, Gateshead. They were there at the time of the 1881 census and Herbert then 21 years old was the only one shown to be living at home. Young Robert and John had each wed and left home. Charlotte 18 and William 16 weren't there, presumably working and lodged elsewhere. We know William returned to Gateshead and his branch of the family tree is set out in full later. Young Louisa 14 wasn't there because she had gone to live with the Smiths, her Aunt Sarah Ann and Uncle John, along with cousins Alice, Harry, William and Eliza at 19 St John's Hill, Shrewsbury ( Sarah Ann of Wolverhampton, presumably a Bratton, had married John Smith of Newport )

Between the 1881 census and that of 1891 Louisa (Senior) died because the 1891 census shows that Robert was now a 58 year old widower and living with son Robert and family. Unlike his Dad and brothers Robert did not remarry

This map shows Worcester Street, Chichester Street, Lichfield Street and Alfred Street.
When old Robert arrived in Gateshead some time between 1860 and 1865 Worcester Street and all the other streets on this map, with two exceptions, must have been newly built.. the map of Gateshead in 1862 shows this area to be fields except for Woodbine Place and Woodbine Tce. Check it out

The story continues under sections for each offspring