Bratton-The Verb

Bratton-The Verb is the page that tells you the verb Bratton which is to pussy slap someone. It has been taken out of the Urban Dictionary but it was there

Did you know that our name is a verb. To bratton someone is to slap them in a put down sort of way. "I was winning the argument so he brattoned me"
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Does anyone know why or indeed why it is no longer in the Urban Dictionary?

1. bratton 9 thumbs up
The physical manifestation of frustration due to being owned in a political debate in the form of a girly slap to the face. This can, but is not always followed by the "Brattoner" grabbing and ripping the shirt of the "Brattonee"
Dad: "So today Jimmy and I got into a debate over the war."
Mom: "How did that go honey?"
Dad: "That little bastard is more up to date on things than I am. But it's ok, He might have won the debate, but I Brattoned him until i reasserted my dominance in the household."

slap bitch slap backhand male pms dont make me take off my belt
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2. bratton 8 up, 1 down

When a man slaps another man across the face like a pussy due to the inability to rebutle in an arguement or discussion.
Male (1): The Beatles are the greatest band ever!
Male (2): Uh that is incorrect, Led Zeppelin was the greatest.
Male (1): Are you fucking retarded, The Beatles changed the face of music!
Male (2): Yeah, but Led Zeppelin had Jimmy Paige!
Male (1): Is that your only argument?
Male (2): Um..yea...what's so great about The Beatles?
Male (1): You're fucking retarded!
Male (2): Um...(Male 1 gets SLAPED)
Male (1): Did you just fucking bratton me you pussy!?
slap bitch slap stupid slap male pms don't make me take off my belt
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3. bratton 6 up, 2 down
To spontaneously slap someone in an angry rage as a result of being intellectually challenged and consequently stupified. Common side effect of male PMS. Usually occurs within circles of hardcore conservatives.
Man: "OMG my friend totally brattoned me today after I pwnt him."
Man2: "WTF? OMG?!? Why would he do that?!?"
Man: "I think it's that time of the month."
slap bitchslap backhand male pms don't make me take off my belt
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4. bratton 3 up, 5 down
To bratton somebody is to slap them across the face in some girlish manner when you (the brattoner) are feeling pms'ed.
Innocent bystander: I think France is very cool.
Brattoner: France sux the big one.
Innocent bystander: omg you fucktard!
Brattoner: *has mood swing and slaps the innocent man*


slap bitchslap don't make me take off my belt backhand male pms
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