William and Mary Boag

William Boag was born in 1833 in Newcastle, Christened at St Andrews Church on 18th Jan 1833
Mary Boag nee Summers was born 1836 and lived at

Castle Garth Stairs, Newcastle, Christened at St Johns Church on 4th Sept 1836

William and Mary got married at St Johns on 28th November 1854. He was 21, she was 18
Their eldest child Jane married Robert Bratton hence their inclusion on this website

This is  William Boag's death notice
EDINBURGH, on the 18th July 1887., aged 54, William Boag of 37,
Alexandra Road, Gateshead, foreman locomotive painter,
and in the employ of the North-Eastern Railway Company
for upwards of 33 years.
(It is thought he developed an infection in a leg injury and was sent to Edinburgh for amputation and died there)

His widow Mary died 25 years later at the age of 76 years in the latter part of 1912

This tin plate photo is of whom? Certainly people working at the Gateshead railway manufacturing works. It is in the possession of the Boag family so it is likely that at least one in the photo is a Boag.and if so, (because of the ages of the persons and the time this photographic process was around) it is likely to be William Boag (b 1833) The Webmaster of this site thinks the person on the left could be a Bratton and if so, Robert Bratton (b 1833)

Eldest son William Boag was born on 5th November 1866 when the family were living at 10 Prospect Tce, Gateshead
At age 30 he married 21 year old Catherine Duffin (born 17th July 1875) of 29 Crawshay Str, Gateshead on 13th March 1897 at Gateshead Register Office

William and Catherine Boag at some point moved to Sunderland (perhaps when the Gateshead railway manufacturing works were transferred to Darlington in 1909). William died in the early part of 1936 aged 70 and Catherine died in 1952 at age 77 years

One of their children, or perhaps their only child, Mary Boag was born on 28 Jun 1897, when they were living at 30 Arthur Street, Gateshead

Mary met confectioner Francesco Palumbo, an Italian, born on 7th June 1895 and they married on 10th Sept 1919 in Sunderland. Mary died aged 65 on 18 March 1962 and Francesco (Frank) died aged 88 in 1983

Along the way they changed their name to Palmer and they had a son, Anthony Palmer on 1st Sept 1920. Anthony, a design engineer met Edith Gertrude Little (born 30th Dec 1923) who he married on 2nd Sept 1944. They had a son Anthony James Palmer on 9th October 1948. He is a Computer Programmer/System Administrator
Father Anthony died aged 47, on 5th Jan 1967 and Mother Edith died, aged 82, on 3rd April 2005