Robert Bratton b 1855

Now to Robert  & Louisa Bratton's eldest son Robert, born 1855 
Sometime before reaching 22 years old Robert ( a Locomotive Stoker/
Fireman ) met and married Jane Boag, one year his junior (b 1856) Jane was the daughter of

William and Mary Boag (b 1833 & 1836 respectively) of 21 Alfred Street, Gateshead and older sister to Sarah (b 1864), William (b 1867) and John Thomas (b 1869)
The descendants of William and Mary Boag via eldest son William may be found by clicking the link

Robert and Jane moved into the next street to her parents, 26 Arthur Street.. and had sons Robert (25.9.1876 ) and William Boag (1879 ) At the 1881 census they were living at 11 Chichester Street, Gateshead

Chichester Street, Gateshead


Ten years on, at the time of the 1891 census  Robert and Jane had moved to 63 Lichfield Str. William Boag would have been 12 but he is not mentioned, nor is he mentioned in the 1901 census. It may be assumed that he died between 2 to 12 years of age, since the name William is "re-used". Meantime, Joseph Herbert (b 1882) Edith M (b 1884) Alice (b 1886) and William J (b 1899) were now the owners of the pattering feet. Son Robert was 14 and left school, earning a bob or three as a commercial clerk . On that subject, there were now 3 Bobs in the house ( as said before, the old original Gateshead-pioneering Robert had moved in ) How confusing must that have been.

By the time of the 1901 census, the family were living at 35 West Str. Gateshead. 6 year old Ethel (b 1895) was on the scene but widow Jane was now the Head of the Household. That means Robert must have died sometime between Ethel being conceived, say 1894, and the census of 1901....39-46 years old. Son Robert had married Margaret Ellen Warrier and had 2 sons but the 1901 census shows young Robert to be a widower. Margaret had died and so too had old original Robert. Here's the 1901 census entry

Jane, widow, head of household, 45 years old, (therefore born 1856)

Robert, widower, son of Jane, 24 years old ( born 25.9.1876 ) occupation : Locomotive Fitter (Bob and Malcolm et als' Grandfather )

Robert's two baby twin boys Robert and Joseph, 5 months old ( their mother, Margaret Ellen had died in 1900; it may be surmised from giving birth to the twins )

Joseph Herbert, son, 19 years old (therefore born 1882 ) occupation : Locomotive cleaner.( The other lots' Grandfather )

Edith, single, daughter, 17 years old, occupation : domestic servant

Alice, single, daughter, 15 years old.
this is Alice

William, single, son, 12 years old

Ethel, single , daughter, 6 years old

It is thought that Robert died young because of alcohol abuse. Mother said to Jon recently that Grandad (Joseph Herbert) was a strict teetotaller because his father was most certainly not. )

Jane, living here, at 24 Helmsdale Ave

died on 26th July 1914 aged 58 years
(This info in Heslop's Advertiser August 14th 1914)