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Robert Hall (
Date: Mon 07 Sep 2009 15:51:34 BST
Subject: Malcolm Bratton

I think I knew Malcolm Bratton. Did he go to the 'Central School,' or to Rhodesia? I think I met hin in Salisbury (now Harare) Airport in 1964. I couldn't find him in the "Gateshead Brattons."

Regards, Rob Hall, Texas

Both brothers Malcolm and Denis are there. Denis went to Africa...Malcolm went to Canada and then California USA where he still lives Link trawl down

Name: Robert Hall (
Date: Sun 06 Sep 2009 22:58:16 BST
Subject: Low Fell

I was born at Sheriff Hill, (right adjacent to the Travelers' Rest)and my eldest son and I had a few drinks in the Black Horse some 20 years back. (He attended school just 100 yards along the road. We then walked across the road to the fish shop on the corner of Wesley Street, and sat there enjoying the evening.
He is now resident in California, and I am resident in Texas. I remember the area well, and just to the north of the Black House, there is a lane down to a parking lot for "The Fell."
I met my wife on Kells Lane and now have been married 51 years.
My brother attended Gateshead Grammer School for Boys.

Regards Rob Hall

Name: Huey Bratton (
Date: Fri 04 Sep 2009 16:39:43 BST
Subject: Great web site

I was in the process of downloaded and saving some of the articles written about me when I was serving as an Army Chaplain in Iraq (before the get lost), just for memory sake. That search brought me to your web site! Great Site!!!

Name: Jack Keefe (
Date: Wed 02 Sep 2009 23:24:04 BST
Subject: another Bratton Cemetery

In addition to the Texas Cemetery, there is also a Bratton Cemetery in Highland County, Ohio. It's on Sicilty Road, about .25 mi north of Route 32 between Sardinia and Mount Oreb. Planning to visit there at the end of this month in search of Brattons who may be part of the Brittain (Brittin) clan in Illinois. Searching for Elisha Bratton (Elijah Brittin?).

Nice that you have this site.

Name: fiesuttditusy (
Date: Wed 02 Sep 2009 13:17:14 BST
Subject: Excellent article

Good day. Thank you very much for that enlightening article – Super! By.

ChrisPark (
Date: Wed 02 Sep 2009 06:36:25 BST
Subject: Hello, I'm ChrisPark

Hello. My name is Chris. I'm from USA. And yeah, hope to be a long time member of this forum!

Here's a photo of me :) - Just so you know who i am!

Name: Rosalee Bratton Mohney (
Date: Sun 26 Jul 2009 05:33:42 BST
Subject: From Washington State

There is at least one family in Washington State (USA) of Brattons. My father, Howard Talleyrand Bratton, was born in Washington State as I was. I would like to find the place of origin of the Brattons in England as I will be going back to England sometime in 2010 and would like to visit the village? Site? Museum? Whatever (or whoever) is there for visiting. It was really fun to come across this website.

Name: Mark William Bratton (
Date: Fri 17 Jul 2009 09:37:24 BST
Subject: Bratton Family in Illinois

Hey! I'm from Sullivan, IL. U.S.A. I was wondering if any Brattons are around my area... and if so... my great grandfather is all I can trace back to currently. His name is Nathanial Bratton and he was from Arcola, IL. If any of this rings a bell to anyone... we're related. So... e-mail me if you have any information for me. Thanks

Name: Kealy Mary Denice Bedford (
Date: Fri 10 Jul 2009 13:00:04 BST
Subject: Family in wintirigham

hello ther i was reading the "past visitors" part and i came across a woman named Karen Wischhusen, who was looking for relatives in winteringham. I am a relative of the people and i also have photographs and information, is there any way of contacting her or contacting me as i could possibly help. If you have an email address for her mine is my home number is 01652 650624. i know it is strange giving out this info but i would muck like to speak to her, it would be a great help thanks

Name: Lisa Bratton Santana (
Date: Tue 23 Jun 2009 06:14:22 BST
Subject: Great site!

My grandfather, David Charles Bratton (b. 1900), was from Pennsylvania. He was named after his father but was adopted by his uncle, Thaddeus Bratton. I think his mother had died, but I'm not sure about his father.

Lee Ann Bratton O'Mara (
Date: Wed 10 Jun 2009 00:38:05 BST
Subject: father of Tullie James Bratton

My father and grandfather were both named William Engel Bratton. Margaret Engel was my grandfather's mother. My grandfather's father was Tullie, supposedly named after his doctor in Ohio. If anyone has info on Tullie's father it would be much appreciated. Thank you for the photos and info on this site.

Name: Rachel (
Date: Sun 24 May 2009 17:33:01 BST
Subject: John and Margaret Steel

I am not a Bratton but I am researching the Steels for an aunt, and it turns out your John and Margaret Steel (parents of Isabella Steel, Joseph Herbert Bratton's wife) are part of "my" family. I was delighted to find that you had established Margaret's maiden name as I had been unable to identify John and Margaret's marriage, nor any information about Margaret before their marriage. Do you have any details? Funnily enough, my maternal grandmother was a Dixon, but not, so far as I have yet determined, any relation to Matty Dixon.

Name: Stephen D Bratton Jr (
Date: Sun 24 May 2009 00:33:59 BST
Subject: bratton's

just found this site and it is very intresting would like to find out about my family history if any body has any were from new castle ind. not sure before that

Name: James D. Bratton (
Date: Sat 11 Apr 2009 17:22:42 BST
Subject: Virginia Brattons

Great web site. Yes I am a bratton. Can't get past my Greatgrandfather. So don't really know of any conection. Any help in that direction would be greatly appreciated
Take Care

Name: Alan Bratton (
Date: Fri 03 Apr 2009 22:59:51 BST
Subject: Hello From Northern Ireland

The Bratton Clan have been in the Donegal Tyrone %26 Londonderry area for some 4 - 500 years.

Frankie (Vickous) Daniels (
Date: Fri 27 Mar 2009 14:45:19 GMT
Subject: Bratton Family Name

My Grandmother was born Nellie Bratton (married Jerry B. Vickous)she had a brother Harold D. Bratton, have no information past that right now but am glad to find this site about the Bratton name. All I know is that they were living in Ky. and moved to Indiana. Want to find more information if possible.

Name: Stacey Becker (
Date: Fri 13 Feb 2009 12:13:35 GMT
Subject: St Cuthbert's Village Photo

Hi, I noticed Heather Turner had posted a message in the past visitor's section requesting a photo of St. Cuthbert's Village, Gateshead. I think I've looked at all pages here but can't seen to find it..Could you point me to it please. Thank you.

Name: Kay Bratton, Esq. (
Date: Mon 26 Jan 2009 17:27:54 GMT
Subject: greetings

Hi fellow Brattons,
thirty years ago I went to the Whitehorse Bratton, and had my picture taken alongside a Historical marker that says it was a burial mound of our people dating back to 2000 years before christ. I still have the photo and the marker can be clearly read. I tend to think we have been here a lot longer than 1066. I'd be interested to see any compilations of our shared geneology anyone has undertaken. Would you be willing to post those so they could be amassed and compiled, Jon? Thanks~

Name: John William Bratton (
Date: Fri 19 Dec 2008 09:29:50 GMT
Subject: Hiya

Just messing about on the net and found this site!!! I wouldn't mind contact with any interested relatives out there. Drop me a line on above e-mail address. Could be fun.

Name: John Kelso Moncrieff Bratton (
Date: Tue 09 Dec 2008 20:56:11 GMT
Subject: Canadian Branch

Good site. How come there are no Canadian Brattons listed? There are a whole lot of us being ignored by your website.
BTW where is the Bratton Party?

Anna-Marie Bratton (
Date: Sat 06 Dec 2008 21:45:34 GMT
Subject: my dad

I am trying to track down my father, phillip hugh bratton

Name: Melanie Bratton (
Date: Sat 06 Dec 2008 02:39:40 GMT
Subject: family history

I am trying to do research on my father's family. My father Donald Dale Bratton-
His father Dale Bratton, I am not sure of his father's name. My father was raised in Martin's Ferry Ohio by his mother Beryl Campbell Bratton.

Name: Brittany Bratton (
Date: Wed 03 Dec 2008 06:02:44 GMT
Subject: Related?

Related, from Colorado...

Name: Jason Bratton (
Date: Tue 04 Nov 2008 21:17:18 GMT
Subject: ..

richard s. bratton
born hillsboro ill! father wallace m bratton born leroy il! his father le grand bratton! migrated from xenia oh to illinois! 18.10.2008

Kevin Barry Bratton
hiya jon, nice wee page you got here. Im a Bratton of Duntocher in Clydebank, Glasgow. My Great uncle David Bratton started the family name in New Zealand, were i have moved too, and now im part of that 6% !.
My grandad john Bratton(jackie) has passed 8 years now and is buried here in New Zealand also.
im very proud to be a Bratton and very happy you lot are too!
thanks. Kevin Bratton. 17.10.2008 

John Lee Bratton Jr.
enjoying all the info on here 3.10.2008

mike kenmir
I put my name and town into Google and your site came up. My father, Charles V. Kenmir, came from Spennymoor so maybe there' a connection. 11.9.2008

veronica bratton
Attention all Brattons; Interested in any imfo re Btattons form Market Drayton, Shropshire. My Farther was born Francis Ashurst Bratton July 27 1912 and his parents were William and Mary Bratton [nee Curtis and who was one of at least 13 siblings, here are the ones I can remember - Charlotte,
Peter, Cecil, Stanley, Charlie, Joyce, Mabel, Rennie. My Father served in WWII in RAF stationed in Egypt etc as a ground crew. He migrated to Australila in 1957 with his wife Gillian Mary Louise Price of which 4 children were born including myself. It would be most appreciated to hear from anyone related or know of the 'Brattons' of Market Drayton, Shropshire. 1.9.2008

cassandra bratton
hi my name is cassie and im a bratton down under (aus) i am a second genoration in australia. i was just wondering if anyone was related to the brattons in market drayton and shropshire. 1.9.2008

lesley fenton
Hi jon,
Just read about Uncle Johns days in the war, it brought me to tears.
Very very proud to be part of the Bratton family.
Give me love to Aunty Eva. xx 31.8.2008 

John Bratton
Just found your site interesting.. 7.8.2008

Pat Williams
I liked your site. 7.7.2008

John Walker Bratton
Fun site. Just adding another John Bratton for the John Bratton party. 3.7.2008 

Florence mcgowan
st james street no 11, was the home of the coulthard family, in 1879, also 69 lavender garden, was the home of the address of my grandmother, mary ann coulthard in 1906, and again in 1955.I loved reading your information, and especially enjoyed the photos.. Thank you so very much. 26.6.2008 

Paul Bratton
Nice to know there are a few of us! My father is a John Bratton by the way! Nottingham based family with my brother and I plus my son Eliot we are doing our bit in Sherwood Forest. 16.6.2008

Jane(Bratton)Chapman 27.5.2008

Lisa Bratton
Just to say thankyou for an interesting read. I am one of those saddos that typed in their surname, but didn't expect to find anything! 19.5.2008

Brian Bratton 12.5.2008

James M. Bratton
Wonderful site filled with interesting and fun facts about our family name. Thank you! 24.4.2008 

Courtney Bratton
I'm very glad I discovered this website! You have done an amazing job! I come from a long line of Bratton's in Southern Indiana! My grandfather's name is John Bratton as well and so is My father's! 10.4.2008 

Chris Bratton
I didn´t know that there were so many Brattons on this Planet!!!
good to Know

Samantha Bratton
hello there sir,
i'm samantha bratton. i've always wanted to leanr more about my past and the people who created my future.
can you tell me how did you start this all?
i mean, where did you possible start!
thank you sir for all this great information, i love it! 29.3.2008

Gordon M. Sixkiller
Thank you for the Bratton History. I once dated Sarah Bratton in college and was curious how she was doing. i happened to find this site and found it very intresting. Have a great day. 27.3.2008 

nicholas bratton
this is a nice site but i think our whole branch of the family would appreciate the inclusion of the american brattons. 26.3.2008 

Steve Laidlaw
Great site,Jon.I guess I must be around your age,I went to Heathfield,and was brought up in Low Fell.I can remember the youth clubs at Denewell Avenue,Wesley Memorial,and Cromer Avenue,as I was in a group who used to play there,as wll as local clubs. 25.3.2008 

William R Bratton DDS
You can add another Bratton to your list under Dentists!! I am proud to have found this marvelous site and look forward to hearing from you and trading stories in the future. 

carol treavish (nee Bratton) Interesting reading, I have a brother anda nephew called John
I originated from Bromley Kent
and the youngest of 10 children
we count just over 100 descendents from my mum & dad
so i dont think the Bratton name will die out, For the past
34 years I have lived in New Zealand, there are Maoris with the Surname Bratton. 7.3.2008

Nancy L. Cathey
My maternal grandmother was Emma Bratton, born in Furnace, Kentucky, 1892. Her parents were Leonard W. and Kate Hall Bratton. That's as far back as I can go right now 25.2.2008 

Bob Bratton
Thanks Jon for a great site. 25.2.2008 

karen beales nee bratton
My part of the family appears to have come fron Stansted in Kent.I would love to know where it all began......... 24.2.2008

Kevin Straughan
An old friend of Jim's, used to work with him in Durham gaol. Married to Nicky and now living in Italy after spells in Egypt and Korea. Love to here from Jim. 25.1.2008 

Gillian Purdie
Thanks for all the info 22.1.2008

John William Bratton
Hiya everybody. Ooooo, I never knew there would be so many of us, and that we did so much. Will have to come back later to read it all. 14.1.2008


Jeff Smithpeters
I only know that my great grandmother was a Kleadie Bratton from Camden, AR. Beyond that, I have no idea how I fit in. But your site is delightful. 6.1.2008

Brian Easton
Hello Jon,
An interesting read.
The above is my family web site which U may find of interest. 2.1.2008

Frederick Bratton
Hi i have just started detailing the geneology of my family and came accross your web site not sure if we have any relations in common but it is nice to see others with the same name i am one of 10 who where all born in grimsby england. Merry Christmas and happy new year. :) 28.12.2007 

Janet Bratton
I was just doing a little reseaarch online and came across your website. I live in Cordova, Tennesse. It's very interesting to learn that there are Brattons all over the world. 27.12.2007

Rebecca Bertrand

David A. Brattain
Dave Brattain is in the Information Technology industry with over 25 years of experience. In 1987 Dave joined IBM’s Consulting and Services organization Dave left IBM in 1996 following the birth of the first of his two children and joined a large U.S. based gas and electricity utility where he could continue his career and spend more time with his growing family. Dave’s recent work has been in the financial services industry where he served briefly as the VP of Architecture & Planning with Checkfree Corporation, a major online, Internet based payments processor. In 2002 Dave joined Nova Information Systems, a division of USBank and a leader in the global credit card acquiring business. . Dave holds several university degrees including both a B.S. and an A.A.S. in Applied Information Technology, graduating in 1980 as a Collegiate Scholar from Indiana State University and in 1986 from Indiana’s Vocational & Technical College where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. Dave is an accomplished fresh and saltwater angler, fly caster and fly tier with trophy catches in the United States, the United Kingdom and the Caribbean. He is also a writer of fiction with several published works to his credit. An experienced pilot, Dave has logged more than 1000 hours in a variety of aircraft and has written about his flying experience. He also loves the ocean and has crewed on a sailing ship through the Caribbean, sailing the Virgin Islands to Puerto Rico. Dave resides in Atlanta, GA with his wife Jennifer and their two children.

david bratton 
Hi there i live in leeds and i think your site his good you do not hear much of bratton in leeds so it go that there are bratton up in gateshead it was nice to find your site thank you 11.12.2007

phill gow
very good site well done do you have any info on the contence of the old musem that was saltwell towers namely the dolls house,the old shop??? or any thing that was in it where's it all gone?? 10.12.2007 

Mark Lynwood Bratton
I have enjoyed looking at your web site.


billy bratton
just surffin and this popped up
well done, very interesting. to say the least..... thank you. 7.11.2007 

Alex Bratton
u have forgoten loads of brattons 4.11.2007 

Your history of Gateshead is a throughly enjoyable read. Thank you 25.10.2007

hi do you no about rives if you do plz E-mail me back it is 18.10.2007 

Norma (imag-e-nationer)
hello Jon, hubby came across this site while searching old gateshead, thought it was brilliant and showed me your pic and i realised, who it was.
me and my hubby are both Gateshead born and bred and boy what memories your site brings back. Hubby comes from Church road Low Fell and i am a bit lower down the rung The Teams.we now live in Eighton Banks
Now not only will i be spendin half of my time on the imag-e-nation site (which is fab by the way)now the rest of my time will be spent on here
well done you on a very interesting site
Norma 10.10.2007 

phillip gow
thats a very good sight keep up the good work 8.10.2007

Meg Bratton
Hey, really good site, just thought i'd let you know of a another Bratton:
My great uncle Harry Bratton was an British RAF sergeant in WW2 and was killed in 1940 at only 19 but his body was lost at sea

Bill Hartmann Brilliant site! Funny too. Love it.
Check out my other local site:  29.9.2007

Kari Saltzman
I am looking for Joseph Mark Bratton. He is a long time family friend and I would like to find him so I could write to him. I would greatly appriciate any help in finding my dear friend. 27.9.2007 

Casey Wayne Bratton
I am a Bratton 36 of age.I was born and raise in the U.S.A my Home state is ALABAMA..Love the site.. 24.9.2007

Jacqueline Varty
Lovely informative and interesting site! It brought back alot of memories for my Dad who grew up in Dunston 1936 - 1954. His Grandpa was the publican at the Anchor Inn around 1881. When he saw the pictures of how it looks now he didnt recogise it.

David Argudin Bratton
Very interesting, I'm glad I was pointed to this website. If anyone is interested in chatting, I would be more than happy. I'll have to dig out the family tree; I know that there were some important Brattons, in there (I believe with the navy if I'm not mistaken). 17.9.2007 

Well done ! i stumbled on your page by accident ! How about the 'Bratton Pack' 29.8.2007 

Sally Kraus
Cool site. 16.8.2007

Emily Bratton
Hello, there - what a great site! I stumbled upon it looking for Myrla Bratton movies for my husband. She was his aunt. She was actually in a few more than you mentioned, but they are difficult to find. There is a Bratton Bulletin on Yahoo groups that our bunch communicates through. The moderator of the site has worked hard on geneology... don't know if you'd be interested or not. I could send you the link if you want.

~Emily 12.8.2007

Valerie Humphreys
Thankyou for this fantastic insight into the history of Gateshead.I came your way searching for John B Stoneman Free Wesleyan Minister living in Gateshead in 1901!! 7.8.2007

Linda Reed (nee Chrisp)
I loved going through your site, I am 53 now and remember the Felling High Street in your picture. I also loved to go shopping on a Saturday morning to Shephards in Gateshead, they had the best Christmas Santa and Grotto. I have lived in Australia for the past 30 yrs, and a lot of your photos brought back great memories. I had my wedding reception in the Ship Inn on Stiffies bank as we used to call it, and my Dad was great friends of Roy Smith who ran it, and used to have sing alongs with him.Still have glasses with stolen from Roy Smith on them, ha,ha. One thing I would have loved to see was a picture of Windy Nook primary school(the old one that was demolished) Which was what I was searching for when I came across your site. My Grandparents my Parents and my brother and sister and myself went there too, I wanted to show my kids. Once again thanks for the memories. 27.7.2007

Malcom Bell
does anyone know the names of the three pubs as you go down bottle bank towards the Tyne 16.7.2007 

john bratton
my name is also john bratton and i live in florence alabama. i am trying to research my family history and find out about my ancecters and where they came from. if you can tell me what i need and what i can do to find out my history, or offer any help, i would appreciate it. thank you, john bratton 13.7.2007 
Sgt David George Bratton
Great site!!! 12.7.2007 

Gregory Bratton
Part of the Edward Bratton clan - documented by Ruthie Michelson (my cousin).

Mike Bratton
Great site! Hopefully, I'm worthy of being considered a notable Bratton. 4.7.2007

Harriett (Bratton) Masterson
Like the websites. Good Job. If you want to add an artist, there's my blogspot, if you are interested. I grew up in Texas, came from Brattons and Hodnetts in Lousiana. Keep up the good work. My brother likes to see that there are Brattons that have actually accomplisehd some things in life. 28.6.2007

mick kane
realy enjoyed reading through site very informative keep up good work 25.6.2007

Earl Baker
Hi Jon,
Finally giving your website a look. I'm at work; first night back.
Thanks again for all your hospitality. Really had a great and wonderful time.
Take care and good luck with the new shop in Leeds.
Earl 19.6.2007

William Elliott
RE Ellizabeth Grace Loxley: The Thomas Elliott who owned a tailor's shop in Chester-le-Street was my great-grandfather (1865-1934). He had a long (and as far as I know boringly happy) marriage, so its unlikely that Grace was more than a housekeeper. But his two sons (one my grandfather) both won scholarships to Newcastle Grammar School and then to University, so would have been away from home most of the time, so he may have taken special interest in Grace's children. 17.6.2007

Jordan Bratton
I decided to google my last name in hopes of finding some information regarding my father's side of my ancestry and this is what I found. I wonder if we're related? Some translations of Bratton said the name was Germanic? What does the name actually mean? 15.6.2007

steve long
thanks for a great insight into gateshead.
Im a gateshead lad born and bred, with the majority of my family hailng from felling.

Im particulary interested in the history of north dene house (sight of gateshead college) as i ve been lecturing there for 8 years now and find myself locked in at night til 9 o clock, when even in the summer there is an eery feel to the place.
I was wondering if you had any information on the old place or know where i could start my investigations. we are due to move in jan 2008 and will dearly miss the place.
I understand it is to be converted into luxury flats!!!!!
many thanks
Steve 12.6.2007

Pat Wilkinson
Hi cousin John
I have enjojed reading your site and finding out more about our family history.
Ann Earl and Margaret visited yesterday and mentioned your website.
Give my love to the family
Pat (Bowman) 10.6.2007

Joan Armstrong
What a fantastic website - a real labour of love. Well done. I shall return time and time again to "dip in" to more of my North east histroy. Thanks  9.6.07

jon bratton
just googled my name to see what came up. Interesting website. How many jon's have you found? 16.5.2007

Kay Cory
My grandfather was William Alexander Brattin. His mother Arabella Bratton changed the spelling. I would like to know why. 12.5.2007 

john hankinson
im searching the web for any pics of prince consort rd in bensham gateshead circa 1965 1970 i lived there as a bairn.still live in gateshead.wanted blast from past getting all nostalgic 22.4.2007

Vicki Bratton
Hello, interesting about your Brattons. 22.4.2007
4:44 h

Dale L. Bratton Hello Jon,

I'm just browsing some Bratton related sites and came across you. Though you are in Gatehead and I in San Francisco, I assume that we are, somehow, related.

Regards. 15.4.2007
8:58 h
heather turner dear mr bratton i noticed a photo of st cuthberts village on your site.i lived there from it being built till it got demolished and the sad thing is have no photos apart from two i found on another site no family member seems to have any either would it be at all possible to get a copy of this photo.thank you very interesting site love local history 15.4.2007
1:03 h
lorraine bratton was trying to get to my brothers site and came across yours!how nice!i think bratton is an unusual name and found your site very intersting i dont think we are related tho as we originate from ireland!but i realy enjoyed your site ,from one Bratton to another take care. 25.3.2007
17:19 h
Derek Harrison Hi I loved your GGS page. Brings it all back. I'm two years older than you and we've a reunion with Lee Hetherington and Stu Monro in Sept 2007. We'll all be 60! 21.3.2007
12:58 h
Norma Would just like to say, thank you. Re: my posting on 15th, not only have I had a reply from the Boardhost, but have also, after 3 months of searching, be sent a map showing Lamas Street. Thank you Jon, a credit to you. Regards, Norma 19.3.2007
0:24 h

dennis bratton Sir,
You may want to check with my father about the Bratton Family Cemetery outside Alma, AR. His contact info is:
David R. Bratton
Interestingly - our Uncle Al was a PhD starting as a Naval Medical Officer and later Doc for the VA. 13.3.2007
18:00 h
Larry Bratton Another Bratton in U.S. Son of Arthur Cleburne Bratton,grandson of Joseph McPherson Bratton, great grandson of Thomas. That's all I know. All records of Thomas were lost. He came to Alabama from Tennessee. I now live in York Co.,SC close to Brattonsville.Any reply would be very nice. Thank you for your work. 11.3.2007
4:10 h
Mark Bratton I Live in Fargo, ND. Father is Carl Bratton born near Versailles, IL. Looking for Bratton Relatives. 10.3.2007
22:54 h

Joyce Richardson I found your Family History after putting Alfred Street Gateshead, into a search. I was hoping for some pictures of Alfred Street, as that is where I was born. I do not have one picture of it. The street and most of the others have long since been flatened by our tasteless council. I am doing the family Tree for Charltons - Mc Gill. But once I found your family, although I never got my streets picture. (We lived in the back of a borded up shop, at no 52 Alfred Street until 1951.) I really have enjoyed reading all your pages. I congradulate you on it. The history is tops, and the humour brings it to life. So it is not just a read. I felt I was being taken back to places I knew. Great 9.3.2007
0:23 h
John Walker & Lynne Bratton I have been working on my John Walker Bratton's genealogy & just came upon this page during a search. Am looking forward to spending more time here.
Lynne, wife of John Walker Bratton, great grandson of Paul Bratton & Franie S. Tilley, Hardin County, TN 8.3.2007
18:51 h
Wesley Bratton I found your page to be incredibly interesting. I especially found the link to Bratton, Kentucky to be even more since that is where my family has their farm. It is also known as Pinhook, Kentucky. 8.3.2007
17:05 h
Stuart Bratton Cool site. Maybe I will send you stuff on my family tree to add in. Feel free to link to my myspace page if you like. 8.3.2007
3:42 h
Sarah Brattan Nice to read about the family name. It's nice to read the interesting facts!! 8.3.2007
1:25 h

debbie Hi..what a great site. I found it looking for information about a pub in oakwellgate, but i couldnt see it in your site, my great great grandmother was the publican in the Moulders Arms in 1851 census.
You have some great information and pictures. Its amazing to see how much of the old stuff is still there amongst all the modern.
Best wishes
Debbie 4.3.2007
16:00 h
Peter Bratton Hi from New Zealand..

3:34 h
Marcus Bratton My family is from ohio usa and I know very little about my history. Very helpful website. 2.3.2007
7:32 h
Lesley Fenton Hi Jon
Brilliant brilliant!! thank you for info on Dunston. You have made me very proud, once again to be a Dunston lass.
Proud to be a geordie!! 1.3.2007
20:00 h
Neil MacDonald Really informative website from which I have learned a lot.
I am still trying to find out why Split Crow Road is so called. Can anyone out there help. I would certainly appreciate it.
Thanks. 26.2.2007
14:32 h

Annice Bratton 12.2.2007
20:18 h

Lesley Fenton hi John, You have added loads more - I found uncle Johns letters and info on his pow days really interesting.
One thing on the Gateshead history - where is Dunston? We dont come under Posh Whickham - I think you have failed us John!!
Take care xx 4.2.2007
20:19 h
Lawrence Cashel Bratton Jr. 30.1.2007
21:56 h
local nice one 29.1.2007
13:31 h

Karen Wischhusen Hi Jon! Googled "Bratton - Lincolnshire" and ended up here! Am researching my mother-in-laws' Bratton family in Winteringham, Lincolnshire, England. Nice website! 24.1.2007
18:55 h
Jim Dobson I liked your site. 24.1.2007
12:16 h
Maude Stephany I am trying to find out who would presently hold the copyrights to Teddy Bears' Picnic as I wish to use a line from the song in an article that I am writing.

Please contact me via the above email address. Thank you. 19.1.2007
22:10 h
Michael Towne Bratton Another Bratton, signing in! Enjoyed the tour. 18.1.2007
18:14 h
Barry Hindmarch Hi
Very interesting site. I was researching Thomas Wilson and picked this up through Google.
Will need to spend a bit more time reading properly, but as a Low Fell boy, I really enjoyed looking through.

Daniel Lance Bratton 8.1.2007
3:18 h
Scott Bratton Cool Site, I'm From Lowell Massachusetts 20.12.2006
23:49 h
Bob Bratton Nice site. It will take some time to study. Hope I can find our connection. 5.12.2006
22:01 h
david bratton i find the website interesting do you have any info on the brattons of sheffield. the brattons here are few and more or less related 5.12.2006
17:02 h

Victoria Bratton I was just looking to see where my name came from. I am in greenville, alabama. 10.11.2006
13:40 h
John McKenzie Yes that is mee with the ice cream quiff and the Devils horns, thanks.
I have a very good memory and could help you with names, eg in a picture where you mention some names of teachers such as Theakstone, Mock etc the one you missed out was Joe Davison on the left. A wonderfull man a great philospher not just a woodwork teacher. He helped mould a lot of boys characters, thanks for your work and when I am up home at Christmas I would love to se any old boys.

John McKenzie 3.11.2006
22:16 h
Jim Bratton 60 yrs old living in Houston, Texas USA.
Raised in rural Missouri.
And if Jon's web Picture is representative it looks like I have the Bratton Eyes, eyebrows and nose. It's a little startling.

Jim Bratton 23.10.2006
0:58 h 

Anne Loxley Baker Hi Jon. Wow, you've added a lot of info since the last time I checked. I'm looking forward to seeing you in June, 2007.
Anne 19.10.2006
18:26 h
Ian MacFarlane Great page,
I left 6 form in 1960.
Recognise many of the "teachers" 14.10.2006
2:45 h
Gary Swaddle Hi,
Great nostalgia. I was head boy
[1964]in 1971 under Caffrey and Speed. Only remember the Senior High on Rectory Road although part of the old building remained for several years. Now live in Memphis Tennessee. Glad I had such a basic upbringing on Tyneside. Loved Saltwell Park. Best wishes to all old pals. Gary 11.10.2006
0:04 h
Phillip J. Bratton Thank you for creating this website where we Brattons have a place to go. It's good to see. 4.10.2006
17:40 h
6:32 h 

Cathy Brandon Bratton Love the Website. I am sure the Brattons in the pictures must be related to my husband's family. The nose and ears must be a family trace. 1.10.2006
23:15 h
George Charlton Hi Jon,

This is a great site: much more intimate than Friends Reunited.
I was at the Boys Grammar from 1961-1968 (the year below you), but remember a lot of the names and faces here.

I still keep in touch with Mal Hope (Head Boy '65-'66) and Ed Smith -both two years above me. From my own year I hear from John Morwood, who now lives in Tasmania. He was mates with Gus Munro and Dave Waugh. We sometimes used to meet in the back room (left hand side) of the Black Horse on a Friday night for a couple of pints before going into town. In those days, for £1-0s-0d, you could buy ten Stirling, get pissed, and still have change for the busfare home.

I also remember Jim Harker from the Art Room, and Ian 'Dringo' Burns, who sold me a Webley air-pistol before going on to become a Top Gun in the RAF.

I got engaged to Marilynn Marshall (the newsagent's daughter) in 1969; eventually getting married in 2005.

I could go on ... but maybe over a pint in the Black Horse. 30.9.2006
13:58 h
Erik Bratton Glad to hear my surname has such old roots, love the website, keep it up! 30.9.2006
8:16 h
Erik Bratton Glad to hear my surname has suck old roots, love the website, keep it up! 30.9.2006
8:15 h 

Roxanne Bratton I only search the family name every few years and I am very pleased to find another important (historical) addition to the family history.
15:05 h
Daran Atkinson Hi

I’m Daran Atkinson grandson of William Boag Bratton. Very interesting to see the family history. Take care.

Daran 15.9.2006
18:02 h
Gary Bratton 15.9.2006
5:34 h
Robert Allen Bratton Elmer Stevenson Bratton - father
Herbert Miller Bratton - G'father
Michael Bratton - GG'father
Robert - Born 12/22/1941 resides in Sunset Beach, NC. 14.9.2006
19:04 h
lesley Fenton Hello all
Just gone through the family history again, I guess the BBC "who do you think you are" has got to me! Once again I am amazed at all your hard work and a bit jealous I did'nt do it.
Keep in touch with mam wont you.
Les xx 12.9.2006
22:23 h 

Pauline Sullivan ex Bratton Hi nice pix updates,great to see the kids together.Scott had a wonderful time.Hope to get together soon ,all my love Pauline 15.8.2006
13:15 h
CRAIG BRATTON I came acrossed this site and i guess i'm wondering am i related to anyone i live in michigan my fathers name is james ronald.If so e-mail me back thanks. 29.7.2006
1:24 h
John Charles Bratton 24.7.06

David R Bratton Does not appear to be of my line of Bratton, but very well put together. 11.7.2006
1:55 h
* Millenium Bridge
Gateshead Grammar School


Picture DSCF4943.JPG
row in front of and between teachers Addison and Davidson

John Johnson Gateshead Director of Design for the bridge 7.7.2006
0:03 h
William Bratton My father's name also was William Bratton. Thought we were Scottish. Bratton married Butler to make me. NYC music publisher. 2.7.2006
8:51 h
Agnes Bratton I am a Bratton by marriage. My husband Scott Henry Bratton is from Thorofare, NJ. He has one brother and one sister. His father was John William Bratton from Paulsboro, NJ. He is one of 6 children. I am just looking into tracing my husband's roots for our children. 1.7.2006
7:36 h
Kelly (Bratton) Blackman Wow..I'm one of the 10000 Bratton's in the USA. Bratton is my maiden name. 19.6.2006
2:19 h

Paul D. Bratton My Father was Charles D. Bratton of Pulski Va. his Father was Roy Lee Bratton. 16.6.2006
16:42 h
joe robson hello, i was born and bred in wrekenton, attended harlow green school. i worked at the shop pit allerdene.i now am a71 year old enjoying life at amble. ps. do you know where sugar well was. enjoyed the site. any information i can help you with willing to oblige , good luck from joe. 5.5.2006
11:15 h
dru reed im from the irish brattons i would like to know more of the english family started from 4 brothers from antrim ireland cir 1730 to 1740
william, james, robert not sure of the other brothers name. williams grandson also named william was on the lewis and clark expedition if that helps. i live in texas and want to know more about my ancestors. 30.4.2006
20:56 h
RYAN C BRATTON Dawna Bratton, married to Ryan Charles Bratton; Decendent of the Brattons in Mason and Brady, Texas. We have 6 children, and have wondered if we could be related to any other Brattons out there. I have seen many of these other spellings in South Texas. We would really like to know more about our fsamily tree. Please email us if you have any info on Brattons from this area. Loved learning about the history so far. 9.4.2006
19:24 h
William Brattain 8.4.2006
5:56 h

Dolores Bratton Smith

3:10 h
steve laidlaw this wbsite is superb,i love local history,and your site is amazing,thank you 15.3.2006
23:37 h
1:53 h

philip brattan 10.3.2006
22:17 h
12:03 h
IAN MACDONALD im glad to announce im peeta's boyfriend! From Victoria B.C and would like to say hi to the Bratton family, hope to meet you all in the near future... 7.3.2006
4:51 h
stacy dail bratton 6.3.2006
0:18 h
Ray Bratton Rrom NZ originally, now Australian. 2.3.2006
4:05 h

Mark Bratton im from armagh in ireland, my family are the only brattons in this county and there are very few in ireland good to no theres alot more of us 28.2.2006
12:16 h
Malcolm Bratton Jon,
I will be in the northeast March 18 thru March 23 and would like to meet my long lost cousin. I'll be staying with another cousin in Ebchester and I will 'phone you from there. Hope we can get together.
Malcolm. 25.2.2006
1:36 h
2:22 h
andy muir have never seen so many pictures of my old school and fellow pupils have really enjoyed browsing through your website . a bit too late to take up rugsy again at 56 but i am still playing just turned 56 for gateshead 4th team have been involved with the club ever since alan green took us up there from the grammer school in 1962-3.tell me when you meet for your singles club and i will pop up and see you ttfn. 19.2.2006
17:46 h
Derek Charles Coulson Just found out about this wonderful web site. This is great. I will be sending some pictures and information about myself and my family from Canada in the near future. Freda & Les' son (Derek) 2.2.2006
4:23 h

Artie A. Bratton J.R. I just thought I would check out my family history. Maybe I might find something about me that I didn't already know. 27.1.2006
19:10 h
Jamie Bratton I enjoyed the site. I became a Bratton in July 2004 when I married my husband Joe. Beacuse his father, also Joe, has been dead for almost 10 years and his dad even longer, I don't know much about the geneology, but did enjoy reading. We're going to have a little Bratton in April--a boy to carry on the name! 27.1.2006
2:47 h
Chris Bratton Just say Hi to all of you, as your all my family, so a big g-day from australia to you all
Chris 19.1.2006
0:50 h
Dr Colin Laidler 7.1.2006
20:13 h
19:40 h

john bruce bratton more to follow...just found you. You've got my daughter Hillary in there too. I am also a performer/musician and have recorded songs (check Also have appeared with Bing Crosby...thanks again 31.12.2005
7:24 h
Philip Latheron Drill down to 30.12.2005
21:12 h
Lorna Culverwell I just thought I'd let you know that I am related to you through Elizabeth Noel Bratton's daughter Fay McAughtry. Fay was my grandmother. If you want to get in touch about family related stuff then just e-mail me on the address above!
Lorna 28.12.2005
0:38 h
susan ross Dear Jon: Hi,it's me your 2nd favourite cousin in Canada (Brenda told me she's #1. I beg to differ.) ha ha. It's boxing day and we've had a great time looking at old pics. As you know Mom has Alzheimers too but she sure remembered her parents and sisters. I am pleased to have this website showing the Loxley history. I will forward some photos of my family as soon as I figure out how to do it. Love this site. Love to all.

Susan Ross (Coulson)
p.s. My husband is John Ross and my children are Alyson Adele Ross born Sep 4 1987 and John Derek Alexander Ross born April 26 1990. Thanks

Dolores Bratton Smith Hi,I'm trying to find the origins of my GGGGGGreat Grandfather.Robert Bratton.Born about 1736.Married to a Betsy Farren.Born about 1740.Anybody? Any help is appreciated.
Thanks, D.Smith 17.12.2005
2:52 h
Carl Bratton now ive looked at other entries perhaps should say some more im the brother of the richard bratton you have under cops n robbers and the son of richard & Elizabeth Bratton 16.12.2005
11:34 h
Carl Bratton another uk bratton here 16.12.2005
11:27 h
steve loxley hi john,,my dad is james robert loxley. he asked me to look up this site for him from a xmas card as they do not have interenet access. i was glad i did as i have often wondered about family tree stuff ( you know as you do). anyway mam & dad send their regards and thanks..p.s i will forward this to my sister (christine) who, i sure will be very interested. thanks 15.12.2005
20:55 h
Lynne Katherine Hardie (nee Bratton) My uncle (Malcolm) passed on your details of the website to me. I am Denis Richard Bratton's child. I presently live in London UK. I am only skim reading this site at the moment but hope to spend some more time delving into all your contributions. I don't have much time nowadays with my 3 girls of 3 & 1 years old. Hope to research soon. 12.12.2005
16:48 h

Robert Oliver Bratton I am from the Robert Patrick Bratton line. I am trying to fill in additional information that my dad, Julian Thomas Bratton, started. After I have had a chance to review and reflect , I'd like to contact you with any questions that I may have. Please send me your email address so that I can contact you. Thank you for doing all of this work.


Bob Bratton 12.12.2005
16:38 h
Bill Hartmann Wonderful history of Gateshead. Priceless images. History with a slice of humour. A 'gem' of a web site! 7.12.2005
0:23 h
Malcolm Magnay A fantastic collection of memories from my grammar school days. I was saddened to learn of the passing of Billy Morton who was a good friend at school, although we had lost touch. If you do arrange a reunion I would be pleased to attend. Regards Malcolm Magnay 1960-1966 3.12.2005
19:49 h
Brian Bratton Interesting website. Do you have a line on a group of Brattons that are in the St. Louis region? 30.11.2005
22:12 h
Christine Brown What an excellent informative website - thoroughly enjoyed it! 25.11.2005
19:10 h

Steven Dale Bratton I'm one of the Brattons that ended up in Texas some 7 generations ago.
22:18 h
Jon Bratton FAO Frederick Bratton
You were looking for Grimsby Brattons
Carol Bratton looking for old friends. I attended Welholme School around 1958 to 1963 then went to Havelock Grammer School til 1969. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. In particular Michael Sanderson who lived near me in Legsby Avenue when I attended Welholme.

15:36 h
Kelly Bratton Another Bratton here! Visit my website...I do a little auto racing. 13.11.2005
22:27 h

rozzi roomian my moms mom was martha braton 11.11.2005
19:08 h

BRATTON 10.11.2005
0:56 h

Lloyd M Kelley I just found your website and hope to gain some information.And share some if needed. I have my GGGrandfathers
will dated June 1847. John Bratten was the spelling on the will, other places Bratton. There is a Braden family nearby.
The will was regidtered in the Washington Courthouse, Washington County, PA. He was married to a Barbara and their childrens names are; Magdaline,
Sarah, John, Elizabeth,Samuel, and Mary who married a James Gordon. Any help is welcome!!
Your friend,
Lloyd M Kelley 28.10.2005
7:38 h
David and Lisa Bratton We found your site doing a search for ancestry for our son's scout project.

Thanks for sharing! 16.10.2005
21:05 h

Lesley Fenton Nice one! Lovely to see my grandad and the "Bratton" name plate ...memories!
Could'nt you have got a better picture of me though!!! 28.9.2005
19:52 h
Nora Coleman Brattan Basler Thanks for including the Brattan spelling in the information on your website. I enjoyed looking at all your great information. Thanks Nora 19.9.2005
2:59 h
Frederick Bratton Hi i was looking for Brattons from Grimsby, as i am trying to complete a family tree. Looking at your site made me realise there may be more than i think, 29.8.2005
22:44 h
Malcolm Bratton Alan
Thanks for all the good work with the website. I've pulled together a few items that I would like to mail to you and need a street address. Thanks
Malcolm 26.8.2005
21:29 h
Malcolm Bratton Alan,
21:26 h

Peter(Peeta)Bratton Uncle Jon, You are truly a great man and an inspiration to all of us... Hello fellow Brattons, this is the one and only P. Bratton. Welcome to my uncle's fabulous website. Love to you all and lets all agree that this is one of the best sites that you have all stumbled across.. Well, If your actually a Bratton its much better than if you are an outsider.. Anyhoo. Peace To All 1.8.2005
14:33 h
Steve Bratton My father was George D. Bratton, JR born in Pulaski, VA 11/20/1919. He spent many hours researching our "Tree" but always ran into a brick wall. Feel free to contact me if you feel this small line of the Bratton name is of interest to you and yours 28.7.2005
22:48 h
mark bratton enjoyed your site! i am entertaining the thought of tracing my roots and found your site. 20.7.2005
10:53 h

Robert John Bratton II My father is Ralph Taylor Bratton,and I'd sure like to find him.TNX 20.7.2005
0:22 h
Ellen Bratton i was just poping around online to see who had bratton websites and what was in them :) 16.7.2005
2:36 h
F G Newman Well done a very interesting site. 7.7.2005
15:25 h
Jack Bratton Jr. I have enjoyed this site but there is a mistake which needs to be corrected. Col. William Bratton was a colonel in the American Revolution not the American Civil War. There was a Confederate General Bratton in the Civil War and I am a descendent of James E. Bratton who was a private in the Civil War also. 5.7.2005
0:46 h
Pauline Sullivan ex Bratton Great site jon,thoroughly enjoyed it. 8.6.2005
2:07 h

Mike Benson My Great Grandmother was a Lincolnshire Bratton. Thanks for giving me a window, through which I can discover my extended family and some of their history. 20.5.2005
18:21 h
richard bratton Hi my name is richard and i live in stoke-on-trent. i have a brother called allan. thank you for this website its nice to see the 'Bratton' name somewhere. 12.5.2005
14:29 h
Chris Not a Bratton but never the less enjoyed browsing through your site. The Gateshead History section in particular is worth special mention.
Well done. 27.4.2005
22:48 h

Chris 27.4.2005
22:40 h
carl bratton 25.4.2005
15:07 h
eddie hogg Thanks for quoting from my piece, My Town My People, on the issue of Gateshead's name.I did not go to Gateshead Grammer : have always been in awe of such. I do claim to have a friend who went to that exalted academy - one Tonius Hewsanus. He became my brother in Christ in 1958. We both live in NZ, but at opposite ends of the country. Your site is well composed and enjoyable to view.Thanks again, Edd 25.4.2005
7:19 h
Scott Bratton Son of Bruce Bratton in Lancaster Tx, USAI am in the US Coast Guard serving in Galveston TX. 17.4.2005
3:29 h
Thomas Ross Bratton Hello i am origonally from Port Glasgow i now live in Blaydon Tyne & Wear i would love to contact other Brattons fab site 14.4.2005
14:40 h

Thomas Ross Bratton 14.4.2005
14:31 h
Sean Bratton 10.4.2005
9:26 h
Joshua Bratton Hi, Maybe we're related?
18:21 h
Ronnie Bratton Hello,
This site is out of this world.I am very interested to find out more about the Bratton name.I will try and e-mail you.
Thank you
0:56 h
Margaret Bratton A brilliant web site, but must admit I do look a little different these days, the wedding picture is a little old. Although maybe I have got better looking as Ive got older. Great Job 4.4.2005
14:58 h

robert rowell Really enjoyed your site (your Rob told me about it - I was a mate of Jim's on Dean Street). It's well put together, amusing too. It was fun looking at all the family phorographs, as well as reading a bit about the history. From Brittany, eh? (in French, "breton").
Best regards,
Robert Rowell 30.3.2005
5:35 h
Lisa Bratton Santana Great website! 22.3.2005
20:15 h
Brenda Palchynski Love the website, wish you would contact me.
Brenda 22.3.2005
14:21 h
Steven D. Bratton 22.3.2005
6:23 h

David A. Bratton I am the oldest of five boys from Englewood, Ohio. We are all over the country currently. I was directed to this website by another David A. Bratton of Canada. We are the only two that we know of. 21.3.2005
21:36 h
Cindy Brattain/Burch Thank you so much for the wonderful webpage. It's funny when I look at Walter Brattain's eyes, he looks so much like my Dad.
The Brattain's are a wonderful bunch.
May God Bless you all! 19.3.2005
18:33 h
Julia fell My mum is the grand-daughter of William Bratton. Her mother was his second youngest daughter Louisa (not Louise - the 1901 census got it wrong). She vaguely remembers her grandfather William who died in the 1930s when she was a child.

Louisa married Thomas Bacon from London during the first world war. My mum has photographs of William and his family. My mum also has heard that her grandfather wrote the Teddy Bears picnic but she doesnt think he did - what happened to the royalties?. My mum said that William junior played and taught the piano. My mum was also very musical and was a music teacher and took choirs and conducted operatic societies.

My mum is still in contact with her cousin who is the last of Elizabeths (known as Noel)four daughters.

I find this website very interesting and as I live locally this is the only branch of my family that is from the North East and makes research alot easier.

I would be most interested in any further information you have about the Brattons

Many Thanks

Julia Fell 5.3.2005
11:58 h
Bruce Monroe Bratton I am aware of the Bratton side of my family only to the early 1920's in northeastern Louisiana in the US, but we must be related in some way. 3.3.2005
20:54 h
stephanie bratton hi im stephanie bratton and there are lots of brattons living in shropshire, england. xxx 3.3.2005
20:39 h

Daniel J Bratton Jr. Just e-mail me if you want to see what it is like from my point of view as abratton/ 20.2.2005
23:33 h
Dominique Bratton this was really interesting some of the stuff i didn't get coz i am only 12 but it was still really interesing i didnt no there was so many of us! 10.2.2005
8:44 h

William Bratton Born in Greenock, Scotland, currently living in London, England. Both my father and grandfather were called William Bratton, and I have traced my great grandfather as being Robert Bratton, born in Ireland 10.2.2005
6:02 h
Harold David Bratton My family is from Warren County Kentucky, I was born there in 1941. My father Harold D. Bratton was born in Allen Springs in 1920. His father was David Thomas Bratton, 1864-1938 And his grandfather was David Gilberson(?) Bratton 1830-1902. David G.'s father was James L. Bratton born 1806. We think he is a son of David Bratton of Virginia and thus back through James B. to Robert to Andrew Bratton from Ireland. 10.2.2005
1:54 h

Sylvia Ivison Great website, full of memories -happy and sad. I now feel like a wet rag!
Boy where do the years go?
Good luck to you Jon you are defnitley upward and mobile!
Spoke to your mam and going to see her new flat.
Will defnitley call in at the art shop and maybe we can have a coffee? although I have to tell you I have stopped the old fags now!!
Tempest Fugit
Sylvia xxxxx
13:45 h
Lesley Anne Bratton Well done you, Dad. I know I've been promising to look at this for ages but now I have finally got round to it and I am very impressed. Also a little bit confused as to when my Dad turned into a computer boffin! 14.1.2005
19:12 h

Bob Bratton, Jr. I have traced my family back to General William (I think) Bratton of the revolutionary war and Founder of Brattonville in South Carolina which is still there. 10.1.2005
17:18 h
tara bratton 4.1.2005
19:49 h
christine cook (nee Thomas ) email me for info if you need it and can send pics, have all the pc
I spend about 18 hours of my day on my computer. 31.12.2004
17:15 h
Lesley Fenton Hello!!
I am Lesley, Sylvia Brattons daughter and have spent one hour on the phone to mam relating all the stories and I must admit did have a little cry at pictures of my grandad Joseph, who I still miss very much.
It is a fantastic read to someone like me who is really into the family history, although I have to point out a few errors! Mams mam died when she was 21 not 14, and my dads surname is Ivison not Iveson - but will let you off!!
Mam knew straight away why you call this the 39 steps and it has brought back so many memories for her.
The last time I last saw you all was at my grandads funeral and I do hope that we can all get together soon for a good old Bratton "knees up".
Take care

Lynn Muccio My Mom is Mary Rita Bratton,
daughter of Thomas Bratton, granddaughter of William Bratton from New Jersey & New York
(I am doing the family research) 12.12.2004
16:21 h
William J. Bratton Jr. Thank you for your kind commentary about our loved one, Michelle Renee. Happy Holidays to all the Brattons. 12.12.2004
8:52 h
David Bratton Great website. Its nice finding information on the Bratton family and families! 8.11.2004
9:07 h
Jerry Bratton Excellent site. You pulled together the site I meant to create about a year ago. I have concentrated more on the genealogy side up until now. I built my site using the php language, unfortunately google hates php, so I was doomed to obscurity. I have done a lot of research over the last couple of years and I plan to have most of it posted soon.

One minor trivia note. Creed Bratton was not born with this name. He changed it when he started his band. I guess he thought this was a much cooler name than his own....

Keep up the good work,

Jerry Bratton 7.11.2004
3:44 h
tracey sellers good work 28.10.2004
17:03 h

Stephen Geoffrey Norman Bratton 22.10.2004
12:12 h
James Bratton Jr just checking out the site and wondering about my past. 17.10.2004
23:14 h
Dano Bratton Sr. I enjoyed the Bratton site, Thank you for your kind words... Ihope to hear from all of our fellow "Brattons" soon.
Dano 17.10.2004
17:25 h
Rob Bratton Excellent site, packed with loads of interesting information on the Bratton clan. Will continue to view with interest. 14.10.2004
16:51 h
karen beales nee bratton d.o.b. 14.10.52 greenwich london
england.hello,my family hail from south east london, although it seems my ancestors came from kent.I would love to hear from anybody who may be related in any way.I have a sister Maureen and my Father's name was Kenneth James. 13.10.2004
22:17 h

k cory I am part of the Bratton family that changed the spelling (thanks great grandmother) to Brattin. I am so excited that I have traced my family to include William Bratton of Lewis & Clark fame. 8.10.2004
21:36 h
Ruth Mickelson Jon...can you please email me? I'd like to know where you got your statistical information. Something I might like to use in an issue of our family newsletter. Thanks! 4.10.2004
17:38 h
Ruth Mickelson Editor 'The Bratton Bulletin' now in our 14th year of publication. Published particularly for descendants of Allen Wilson Bratton. 1.10.2004
0:24 h
Brittany bratton 24.9.2004
3:08 h
William Martin Michael Bratton Nice to see somebody know who the heck we are. I'm a music publisher in NYC. HI! 22.9.2004
7:34 h

William M. Bratton 22.9.2004
7:03 h
Catherine and Alan Hi Jon
Alan has asked me to send a most special 80th Birthday greeting to Mum with all the best for the coming years. He is stuck in Florida due to Hurricane Francis,he has no electric,no telephone and no water. But not to worry he has his pipe and the pub is open. We received damage to our home in Florida, but he is more concerned about getting mums birthday wish to her. Could you hug her and kiss her and wish her our best. Thanks Jon,miss the lot of you.
Love Catherine and Alan 10.9.2004
14:08 h
Alan Bratton hi bro,thanks for the patriarch bit it sounds like I'm an old man instead of a young retiree.2 minor changes to my bio.Ileft for Canada on sept 26 1966 and my email is all lower case as above.TTFN Alan 27.8.2004
21:33 h
Robert David Bratton Very interesting site.
Alerted to you by my cousin Malcolm in America.
My father was Arthur Carilef Bratton, born in Gateshead.
His parents were Robert & Rebecca Howells Bratton. Will look at site in greater depth later. 26.8.2004
18:36 h
Patricia D. Bratton Aaron Our set of Brattons came over from Ireland/Scotland and finally settle in Georgia. In reading your web page, I am a decent of a William Miner Bratton and I understand his father is the first Bratton to come to America. I am interested in learning all I can about the Brattons. My children are also interested in our hertiage. 18.8.2004
2:43 h

Malcolm Bratton Intriguing, distant relatives from Gateshead and Darlington connections. Tell me more! Just had a quick look at the website, fascinating. I'll look at it in more detail later. Thanks for all your work.
Malcolm Bratton. 12.8.2004
20:30 h
Diana Lyon Bratton Ok, Ok, I will sign your quest book. Your web page has wonderful creativity and imagination which is a definate Bratton trait along with the dramatic pout. Well anyways I am doing research on the Pennslyvania Brattons in which most of our line ended up in good ole Philly. Don't ya hate it when the list of names on the census ends in 1840. Pathetic! So, if anyone see this post and know about he Philadelphia Brattons. I'm researching William H. Bratton. 12.8.2004
2:26 h
Beth Elaine Bratton (Dills) Hi, My Dad was thomas william Bratton from Minnesota and his dad was garrison William bratton also from Minnesota, was wondering if we could be related 1.8.2004
23:19 h
Jon Bratton I started this website so I'm starting this guest book. Do please sign in. Eventually I'm inviting all 10,000 Brattons to a big party at my expense,so RSVP here 30.7.2004
17:32 h