The Bratton Party

Welcome to the John Bratton Party (that's how the idea started but hey you're all invited)

Now, have you any idea how many people are called John Bratton (or Bratt*n) ?
Well there's lots and I shall invite them to The Black Horse, for a get-together party. And the person I'll get to put up the banners and balloons is the John Bratton who was the Set Dresser on the movie Titanic.

 Is that a big job or what?
This website will confirm that I'm not making this up.. amazing isn't it how many Brattons are in the movie business)

We shall dine on Bratton's Clam Chowder...oh yes there's a recipe that carries our name

Ignoring the fact that he is long since dead, Dr John Bratton can bring along some of his 139 slaves to serve us and the author Dr John Bratton can take notes. In case of accidents I shall ask
John Bratton Risk Management expert to give the venue the once over and to show the party on the internet I'll get Jon Bratton's company to install the cabling. The bouncer on the door will be the boxer Johnny 'Honey Boy' Bratton
Unfortunately, there are no Johns to play the music so I will call upon
three called Bratton who will not be attending a "shared forename party" of their own.

I'll get Tripp

to play his MalletKat as he did with the
Lexington Jazz Project

Tripp's website

and, on guitars, Creed, who used to play with The Grass Roots

Creed is 2nd left..that was back in 1969

 He left to take up an acting career
Actually, Creed has now hit the big time as a star of The Office (USA)


Artie formerly of US rock band French TV

The rodeo rider is from the website of cowboy-loving Jon Bratton...he will, of course, be invited to the party

After a rousing chorus of Teddy Bears Picnic
composed by the American composer John Walter Bratton, we shall sing the very famous song
which goes:-
"So hurry along, the stag's afoot
The Master's up and away
Haloo, haloo, we'll follow it through
From Bratton to Porlock Bay"

If you want confirmation of the Haloo Haloo song go to the website of The Yetties, the pop group that made it famous ( among Exmoor folk ) by clicking here

Ensuring we can hear ourselves speak I shall ask

Clint Bratton to be in charge of volume control. He is a New Zealander who was Director of Loud Response. I think you'll follow my thinking here

Dano Bratton will also be useful on the entertainment front.
He is a ventriloquist dummy maker (Bratton Buddies) and he knows loads of ventriloquists, comedians and magicians. I'll leave it up to him. I'll just say
"Book 'em Dano"
Dano would have been well worth a visit at but he's now quit.What's that about?