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Welcome to Famous Brattons, the genealogy webpage that brings you information about family crests, the meaning of the surname Bratton for those wishing to research their family tree, to trace ancestors and country of origin, and generally finding their family history

This webpage provides the definitive list of past and present famous Brattons and there have been quite a few along the way

The World's Top Cop is a Bratton

A Nobel Prize Winner is a Bratton....OK... a Brattain.. for inventing the  

The writer of the evergreen classic Teddy Bears Picnic is a Bratton

The earliest English Law expert/author is a Bratton...tho' often shown as Bracton

Two Brattons bookend WWII ...one heavily involved in Pearl Harbour which suddenly began the USA's late involvement in the War and the other in the dropping of the atomic bombs that swiftly brought the War to its slow conclusion

The Actor and Musician who, understandably, chose the stage name Creed followed by, not so understandably, Bratton
Perhaps he figured anything was better than W.C. Schneider

Jon Bratton on Bratton Road, which leads to the village of Bratton in the heart of Britain

I'm Jon Bratton, the webmaster and I tell you this because it is only polite to introduce myself. I tell you this, also, and mainly, because technically my name now heads this list of Famous Brattons. Self promotion is important isn't it Susan Bratton?

Susan Bratton must be famous, (tho' I haven't yet sussed out for what) because she dominates the
entries when you Google Famous Brattons AND she had her own Wikipedia entry

Top Lawyer

*Henry de Bratton ( shown often as Henry de Bracton for some unknown reason since he was called Henry and came from Bratton)..He was the author of De legibus et consuetudinibus Angliae [on the laws and customs of England], a broad, philosophic treatise that is often called the most important work on English law


Top Cop

* William J. Bratton( Bill ) formerly Chief of Police, Boston, then, famously, New York (zero tolerance ) and now Chief at LAPD. He is probably the most successful contemporary Bratton,

If that's not enough, Bill also managed to be in the movies... he played the part of Mayor Nick Conlin in "People I Know" (2002

Top Teddy

* John Walter Bratton..writer of Teddy Bears Picnic 1907 and another 250 or so songs.


Top Fighting Family

* Col. William (1773-1850) and Martha (1749-1816) Bratton click HERE Famous Revolutionary War Colonel and his heroic wife
In 1766, William Bratton and his wife Martha purchased 200 acres in what is now Brattonsville, SC. The Brattons had eight children, farmed, owned slaves, and were members in the Presbyterian Church. William served as Colonel in the militia during the Revolutionary War and fought at the Battles of Mobley's Meeting House and Huck’s Defeat. He also served as a local judge, district sheriff, and state legislator. Taking advantage of the home’s location at the junction of several important roads, the family opened a tavern in 1786.
Martha's Wiki

Dr John Simpson Bratton (1789-1843) inherited William and Martha's farm and built it up into a major plantation owning, at it's height, 139 slaves


* Brigadier General John Bratton was William and Martha's grandson. He fought in the Civil War
Wikipedia entry


Top Pioneer

*William Bratton
Lewis and Clark Expedition

* Colonel Rufus S. Bratton ,
Chief of Far East Intelligence in Washington who, it has been alleged,
knew the Japanese were on the way to Pearl Harbour but, like others, did nothing
so that the President could bring America into WW2
http://www.warbirdforum.com/pearl.htm  has lots of testimony and, it is said, "nothing here suggests that Roosevelt or anyone else knew that Pearl Harbor would be the target"..On the other hand there's this http://www.thenewamerican.com/departments/feature/1999/070499.htm 

Wikipedia entry

__________________ R.I.P. 'Shelley' _________________

* Michelle Renee Bratton ( Shelley )
a beautiful 23 year old New Yorker who was tragically killed in the Twin Towers collapse on 9/11. I would ask everyone to visit

and read the touching testamonies - particularly the younger ones on this site;
she was of your generation and you guys mustn't forget

_____________________ R.I.P. Heather ____________________

* 19 year old Heather Bratton, a top model after only 12 months in the business, was tragically killed in a freak motor accident on 22 July 2006

To see more pics of Heather visit her commemorative website


Top Sportsman

* Johnny Bratton from Chicago , Welterweight Boxing Champion 1944-55


11 Bratt*n Boxers including Jack Bratton,San Francisco, Bantamweight
Boxer 1913-17

* Alan Bratton, former pro golfer on the PGA Tour

* Melvin Bratton, former pro with Denver Broncos Superbowl 1989

* Jason Bratton, pro footballer

* Brian Bratton pro footballer


*JoAnne Bratton nee Jackson, wife of Johnny Bratton co owner with Ed Wingate of Golden World Records and J & W Records


* Creed Bratton (stage name) star of The Office (USA) and long time member of Grass Roots


Dr. Walter H Brattain, 1902-1987 Nobel Prize Winner 1956 With others, he invented the transistor 
http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/physics/laureates/    see 1956


Laura Brattan, Actress

Laura narrates many talking books