How Many Brattons Are There?

This website brings you information about family crests, the meaning of the surname Bratton for those wishing to research their family tree, to trace ancestors and country of origin, and generally finding their family history. In particular this page answers the question HOW MANY OF US ARE THERE? And where are we all living. This may be helpful to those interested in genealogy

In this world, there are 4.5m Smiths and 3.7m Jones's
but only about 10,000 Brattons

( The Bratton family name is 0.003% of all surnames in the English speaking world compared with Smith at 1.5% and Jones at 0.94% )

And here's where they are

UK 1100 11% 
8500 85% 
Australia 130 1.3% 
Canada  215 2.1%
New Zealand  55 0.6%

How come they all started out in the UK and now there are 8 times more in the USA?

Is it something in the water?

It is estimated that the spelling variations, confined to USA, number thus:-

Brattan 100

Brattin 500

Bratten 1000 (This may be a different surname root from Denmark)

Brattain 1000

Some purists might say that this website should only concern itself with the
main spelling but in fact all surnames are phonetic and the spelling matters little.

There is a 900 years history of the name but it is only in the last, say, 100 years that spelling has become consistent.

Why, even William Shakespeare, who was a right swot, spelt his name in several different ways

Since, it is this site's contention, that the Bratton family name was born in 1066 there's only 58 years to the 1000th Anniversary when all leaves, twigs and branches of the family tree will gather in one place.

Better start saving up,
and one or two of you might consider getting cryogenically frozen while you're still fit enough to party