Robert Bratton

Robert had married Margaret Ellen Warrier and had 2 sons but the 1901 census shows young Robert to be a widower. Margaret had died and so too had old original Robert. Here's part of the 1901 census entry relating to Robert's Widowed Mother's household

Robert, widower, son of Jane, 24 years old ( born 25.9.1876 ) occupation : Locomotive Fitter (Bob and Malcolm et als' Grandfather )

Robert's two baby twin boys Robert and Joseph, 5 months old ( their mother, Margaret Ellen had died in 1900; it may be surmised from giving birth to the twins )

Young Robert and his twin boys left Mummsie's house, at 35 West St., and got themselves a wife and step mother .

This is Robert aged 45

This is a tin plate photo in the possession of the Boag family. Does this look like Robert ?

Robert (25) and Rebecca Howells Sweet (23) of Willington married on 25.6.1902. Their children were George Sweet b 1903 d 1966, William Boag (Bill) b1905, Arthur Carilef b 1907, Richard Wiseman Eastwood (Dick) b1910 d 1975, Vincent Theodore b 1916 and finally a girl, Alice Theodora b 1912.

* Twin Bob b 1900 emigrated to Canada and did not marry till late in life to a French-Canadian, Lucille & was childless.

This is Robert and Rebecca in 1947 when Robert was 71 and Rebecca 68.

Robert died in 1954 and Rebecca in 1960

Joseph And Lily's Wedding

*  Twin Joseph (b 1900 d 1949) married Lily Gibson and had Avril and Vincent
Avril married William Snowball and has Stephen b 1965
Vincent didn't marry

* George Sweet married Florence Potter, and has two sons, George Vernon b 1931 & Raymond b 1934.

George married Valerie Prince and has Gillian and Christine, Gillian married Archie and has Dianne, Lynn and Neil. Christine married Iain Scoular and has Mark and Claire

Raymond married Mary

William Boag Bratton and daughter Mavis

*  William Boag (Bill) married Marguerita (Rita) Redpath & had one daughter,  Mavis b 1941.

Mavis married Kenneth Atkinson and has Stephen b 1961, Martin b 1963, Daren b 1969

* Arthur Carilef married..

Bessie Layton b 1913

... & had a daughter  Alice Theodora, b 8.2.1939 who died in infancy, 31.7.1941

& a son  Robert David (Bob) b 27.3.1944.

Bob married Marjorie Hindle b 16.6. 1943

They have a son Andrew David b 19.9.1972

Andrew David married  Colette

* Richard (Dick) met Edith Mitchelson b 1910 who was from Lichfield Street, the same street Dick's father and grandfather had lived in. He married her on 23.1.1937 & had two sons, Malcolm John ( b 1.4.1940) & Denis Richard (b 2.8.1941).

Young Dick at about 20

L to R Denis aged 13 Malcolm 14 Edith & Dick aged 44

Dick and Edith, aged 57

Malcolm emigrated to Canada. He married Dorothy Carrole Wilson and have 3 daughters Sarah Elizabeth b 29.12.1965, Erika Louise b 27.3.1968 and Pamela Marie b 7.10.1971

Here are Malcolm and Carrole with the 3 girls L to R Erika, Sarah & Pamela in 1984 at the Ceremony where they gained USA Citizenship. They now live in Oceanside, California

Sarah married Craig Ryan and have a daughter and twin boys...Katelyn and Jake & Dirk

Erika married Gordon Descutner in 1967 and have Kade & Kiefer

Pamela married John Bonderewicz in 1968 and have Logan and Dawson

Denis married Delyse Noel and have Sheryl b 1960, Corinne b 1961, Verne b 1965 and Lynn Katherine b 1971. Denis died on 5.6.1992

Lynne married Roger Hardie and has 3 children Mareena, and twins Gabriella and Abigail

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* Vincent Theodore b 1916 married Elsie Reynolds & had one son, Michael. Michael married Anne Schneller and has Nicholas b 1976 and Emily

*Alice Theodora b 1912 didn't marry

A few more pics

Dick in 1939

Dick and Edith's Wedding