William Bratton

Robert and Louisa's youngest son William (b 1865 d 15 Jan 1936), who was a Plate Iron Shipbuilder, married Margaret Slater (b 1868 d 31 Jan 1924) and at the time of the 1891 census they were living at 11 Hardwick Tce, Gatehead 8 with son William Foster (b 1888) and daughter Mary Ann (b 1890)

By the time of the 1901 census they had moved to 6 Hardwick Tce and had added two more girls Louisa (b 1897) and

Elizabeth Noel

 Elizabeth Noel (b 25th Dec 1899 d 7 July 1983) They also happened to have a 19 year old lodger by the name of Andrew Hughes.

From Family Bible evidence it appears that between Mary Ann and Louisa 1890 - 1897 there were two boys Luke and John who must have died in their infancy since they were not there by the time of the 1901 census

William Foster Bratton was a commercial clerk and lived at 30 Holly Ave, Jesmond, Newcastle. He was wheelchair bound and was a member of the Christian Scientist Church. He died 8th June 1940

Mary Ann married John (Jack) Stephenson and lived in Westerhope, Newcastle. They had a son Alan b 1919 d 1993. Alan and his wife had a daughter

Louisa married Thomas Bacon b ? d 1964 from London during the first world war. They had a daughter Margaret b 1928. During WWII they came to Newcastle to escape the London Blitz. Margaret married Edgar Fell b 1934 d 2000, who was from The Lake District and came to Newcastle in 1952 to attend University. He fell in love with Margaret and Newcastle United and that's not surprising cos the Toon had a magnificent side in the mid 50's... and no doubt Margaret was bonny too. They had daughter Julia b 1964, who has supplied much of the information in this section. Margaret trained to be a teacher in Sunderland and went on to teach junior school and also music.

Elizabeth Noel married Lionel McAughtry ((b 31 March 1896 d 20 Jan 1970) and living at 23 Kells Lane, Low Fell, had four daughters

Peggy (b 1924),

Fay (b 2 Nov 1931 d 28 Feb 2004)

and twins Joan (b 1934) and Betty (b 1934 d 1988) .

* Peggy married Mr Laurence and had daughter Ann. Ann then married Brian and they have 2 daughters Angie and Jackie and a son Terry

Angie is now Angie Blackman and has 3 children and 1 granddaughter

Jackie has 2 boys

Terry has 1 boy

* On 28 May 1952, Fay, at Denewell Ave Pres Church, Low Fell, married Sunderland born Stanley Walton Edward (b 6 Sept 1924 d 28 Mar 1994) and had 3 daughters Christine Fay (b 1956) Lynne Patricia (b 1958) Julia Carole (b 1970)

Christine Fay on 4 Sept 1976 at St Helen's Church married Geoffrey Henderson. They split and in 1984 she married Fred Hardy and they have son Jacques Frederick (b 1993 in Saudi Arabia)

Lynne Patricia married Thomas Culverwell (b 1956) on 17 April 1982 at St Helen's Church, Low Fell. They have two daughters Christine Lorna (b 1983) and Sarah Lynn (b 1985)

Julia Carole in 1994 married Craig Freeman (b 1969)

* Joan married Brian Douglas Lyle (b 1931) and have no children

*Betty married David...then John Lumby and had Alene